Insure high quality construction that maintains brand standard and meets construction budget and schedule
Develop and maintain accurate construction budget (hard costs) and schedule with the Development Project Manager based on project type, location and delivery method
Communicate any impacts to construction schedule and budget to entire project team, Executives, and internal departments
Full process oversight of GCs and subs to minimize Change Orders (COs) and schedule impacts related to WW Construction
Substantial involvement during Due Diligence to identify any potential issues with property that could impact construction
Substantial involvement during Documentation and Preconstruction/Bidding to establish and maintain hard cost budget and to facilitate the bidding process, if applicable
Substantial involvement during Base Building Construction and WW Construction insure base building work is completed according to agreement, manage hard costs and construction COs and maintain construction schedule
Substantial involvement during Closeout to insure construction and project completion and facilitate handoff to Ops