The new complexity behind the role is the recent Sales Structure, that makes more challenge to adapt strategies to each type of customer (Grocery, SMARTS and HE Specialist), and the implications in the stake holding management.
WHS has been losing relevance in the spirit industry and shopper; however it is a very important channel for the specialized brands as its represent 65% for Reserve brands Today with 5 customers we made 50% of the business. Today Reserve is the one that can capitalizes and helps in the reinventing of this channel. Ability to influence and shift Customer strategy. Prioritize and execute with efficiency is key to develop TLA and RLA strategy.

Purpose of Role:
Responsible for developing and growing Reserve brands in Wholesalers according to brands, channel, and shopper and customer insights.

Key Outputs:

Consolidate Reserve portfolio in each segment (Specialized (TLA, RLA and Premium) + Distributors)
Europea, Vinoteca & Prissa as the luxury retail experience, participating actively through the JUCP
Right distribution and weight for Reserve portfolio in WHS
Manage of the correct A&P and commercial budget, achieving WHS AOP